5A steps to quickly sell your home for the most money

Once you come up with the biggest decision of changing your life style, selling your current property might be one of the toughest mission to accomplish. You deserve a life fully filled with joy and happiness. Please allow me to handle your “mission impossible” and I will have it done in 5 easy steps to achieve a fast sale but for the most money.

1. Appraise your home

Home firstly functions as living space, where we rest, celebrate birthdays and spend time with loved ones. Home could also be investment. Especially in the Greater Vancouver Area, house price varies day after day, and you want to make sure your home gives you a great return while your enjoy your life. The first step I am going to take is to make sure that your property will be listed at a reasonable and profitable price. The appraisal will be taken through different studies including the current active listings on market; recent sold properties in the area, situation of your property, and of course your advice. I am here to make sure that your voice will be heard at all the time.

2. Appear on MLS

After price and other selling conditions are determined, your property now is ready to go on to the market. Data, measurement and professional photos will be prepared to promote your home. The appearance is significantly important. Professional photos are always helpful to attract potential buyers. Image does worth thousand words. At the same time, I will promote your home on my SEO website, which is a powerful tool to get your home higher exposure on the Internet, so that your home will be seen by my oversea clients looking for properties in your area.

3. Attract visitors

It’s always pleasant to host showings and open houses. I am very proud to introduce homes to other realtors, their clients and direct buyers. As I sold most of my listings within a very short period of time, I believe the more visitors are attracted, the quicker sales would happen, and the higher price the property could sell for. I am always energetic and prepared to show homes, and actively introduce the features to all visitors, as my Real Estate passion drives me; more important, at the moment my clients hand me the key to the doors of their homes, they hand me their trust. And I take it into account.

4. Agreement

After all above hard work have taken, offer or multiple offers will be presented. I will work with you hand in hand on the agreement and contract. My negotiating skills will make sure that my clients’ benefits will be maximized. With my professional knowledge and polite manner, I always respect other realtors, their clients, and direct buyers, my clients and I will also be respected. To seal a deal is as pleasant as summer breeze.

5. A+ job done

If you are now ready for a castaway, please mark me A+ before you leave, because I will take care of the rest. All the documents and paper work will be handled to make sure that your money will be safely deposited into your account on time. And I will be happy packing with you and visit your new home. Your buying experience with Tyra will also be pleasant just as much.

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