• We came to Canada as new immigrants. We have no friends or family in town. We were desperate looking for help on seaching place to live, arranging the kid to school, going to ELS classes and so on. I saw Tyra’s website on Internet. After meeting with her for the first time, she started looking for properties for us. As we are new here and know nothing about the Greater Vancouver Area, she was taking us everywhere patiently. She introduced each city, its community, population and environment to us. Finally, we chose Coquitlam and found our dreamed home. At the same time, I was so impressed to find out that with living in that area, my son could go to one of the best school in the Greater Vancouver Area. Tyra told us the school ranked the 8th place among almost 300 secondary school. After finding the right place, Tyra helped us to register my son to school and my ESL classes, arrange cable and internet installment, and even install our new furnitures. During summer holiday, we are going back to China. I left my key to her, as we trust her a lot.Mrs Jiang – who bought her dream home in Coquitlam
  • I knew Tyra in a pre-sale center in Downtown Vancouver. I noticed her hard-working attitude and contacted her afterwards for selling my apartment in Downtown. Good news was delivered not very long after we listed it. The apartment was sold full price. A year later, I want to sell another investment property in Downtown. But the market was very slow. It surprised me that we received offer right after our first open house. The apartment was sold firm with her effort. Before completion, she arranged cleaning, new prainting, and limestone stain removal services. The transaction was very smooth. Tyra always thinks for clients’ needs and benefits. When I wanted to sell my third investment property, as the market was not very active and there were many other units for sale in the same building, it was hard to sell for a profitable price. She suggested to rent it out to cover cost rather than leave it vacant but paying mortgage; and sell it when the market gets warmer. I was touched by her professional working attitude and thinking for others. She will definitely be my realtor, if I want to buy or sell again. I also highly recommend her to my friends and family.Mr. Yang – who sold his apartment in Downtown Vancouver
  • We, family of three, arrived Vancouver last winter. We were not familiar with the city at all. Though our family member, we knew Tyra. She helped us rented a house around Metrotown area ahead of time and helped my son register a day care. After everthing was seattled, we started house hunting with no rush. To decide which city we were going to live became a mission impossible at that time. Tyra took us run all over the Greater Vancouver, like West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Coquitlam and so on. While we were getting familiar with the cities, she introduced schools in each city and school ranking. Eventually, we picked a school, where our kid could learn Chinese. We found a brand new house in that area as well. After we got the key, our family went back to China to order furnitures. The document of import and export were so complicated. Tyra again helped us to solve all problems, and furniture were arrived home on time. Tyra is so detailed and patient. She helped us seattled landscaping, purchasing applicances, installation of curtain, furniture, cable and TV, and almost everything. And now we are getting along so well just like family. Vancouver is no longer a strange city to us. We are so looking forward of our life here.Ms. He – who was new to Vancouver and now is familiar with most cities in Greater Vancouver
  • I knew Tyra through friends. At that time, I was at an early stage of Real Estate investment in West Vancouver and found a lot I really like. She negotiated the price for us and the final purchase price was $400,000 lower than the asking price. By the time puchasing the second lot, Real Estate in West Vancouver is extremely hot. Many active buyers visited the lot I like, so I offered full asking price. Before offer presentation, Tyra called and told me that we were the only buyer presenting offer, she said she was confident to get the lowest price for me. Eventually, our purchase price was $100,000 lower than asking price. Tyra also helped me sold one downtown aparment. Within only two weeks, it was sold. And surprisingly, the sale price was $200,000 higher than the same lower unit.Mr. Li – who invested real estate properties in West Vancouver
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